2500m3 Sand Dredge Pump

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2500m3 Sand Pump River Sand Machine
China dredger sand pump manufacturer?
At the beginning of January 2012, 2500 cubic meters per hour sand dredge pump manufactured by Do Pump was export to The Republic of C?te d'Ivoire, La République de C?te d'Ivoire working in Abidjan river pumping.The purcharse person was Mr. Zhang, who has been manufacturing cutter suction dredgers and water jetting sction dredger locally for many year, and Mr. Lee who is the boss of the dredger company in C?te d'Ivoire. 

In mid-January 2012, Abidjan customers arrived on schedule. After pump company visits and discussions, they deepened their trust in our company. They decided to purchase our company's large-scale sand pump: multi-purpose sand pump motor unit model: 14/12G-DOS

Equipment parameters: The pump's over-current parts are made of high chrome wear-resistant alloy, flow rate 2500 cubic meters / hour, lift 62 meters, speed 590 rpm, pump inlet diameter 350mm, outlet diameter 300mm, supporting inlet and outlet pipes 400mm. Supporting 800kw diesel engine.
Multi-purpose sand pump

Multi-purpose sand pump features: high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reliable operation, high lift, large flow (maximum mixing flow up to 2500 cubic meters / hour), deep pumping depth (the deepest can be pumped underwater 30 meters deep ), the transmission distance is far from a wide range of applications. It can be equipped with a motor or a diesel engine. Widely used for: pumping sand from rivers, rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, reclaiming land, extracting iron ore, panning sand, pumping mud. 

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