Video How Dredger Works Cutter Suction Model

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Video How Dredger Works Cutter Suction Model

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How Cutter Suction dredging works, here is a cutter suction dredger video produced by Damen and re-posted by Do Pump Company, a manufacturer specialized in produce and sales of dredger pumps in China. It provides dredgers, sand pump, dredging pumps, hydraulic electric submersible slurry pumps and dredging equipments, supplying in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Holland markets.

The cutter suction dredger consists of a hull, a power plant, a sand pump, a reamer, a transmission, a sand pumping pipe, a winch, etc. From a distance, the first is the cutter of a cutter suction dredger.
The cutter suction dredger relies on the rotation of the reamer to generate a large cutting force during work, and stirs the sediment at the bottom of the river. At this time, the sediment splashes, and the dredging pump of the dredger discharges the splashed sediment. The workflow of the cutter suction dredger is roughly the same at the designated location.
The CSD is equipped with a rotating cutter head for cutting and breaking hard soil. The soil is drawn through a dredging pump and discharged through a floating pipe and a pipe on the shore to the deposition area. In some cases, the material is discharged into a split hopper that is moored with the cutter suction boat. These separate hopper barges unload the soil in the sedimentary area.
CSD is a fixed dredger that does not “sail” when dredging. During the dredging process, the vessel is still in the same location, fixed by the pile descending on the sea floor; through the winch and anchor, the dredger swings sideways, the cutter head cuts and removes the soil.
Larger CSD is self-propelled. This allows the ship to sail to the new workplace in its own way.
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