Sand Dredge Pump Manufacturer -Impeller Cut

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Sand Dredge Pump Manufacturer -Impeller Cut
Sand Dredge Pump Manufacturer -impeller cut

The design of Sand dredge pump is according to centrifugal pump principle. Why impeller needs to be cut when Do Pump engineers design the sand pump and technical proposal. 

The purpose of impeller cut:
1.To adapt the working performance requirement of pump user, for example, standard of submersible sand dredge pump EL50D-A30 is performed at 55 cubic meters per hour and 31.9 meters working head, but according to the working requirement, pump is required to work at 55 cubic meters per hour at 27 meters working head, therefore, pump impeller needs to be cut according to the working outcome required. 
2.To adapt the engine power of sand pump motor. A customer is from Indonesia sent us an inquiry of submersible sand dredge pump, EL50D-A30 is required 15 KW in high proportion of sand piping, however, the diesel engine set can only provide 11KW to the pump, therefore, pump impeller needs to be cut to fit into the engine power.    

The process and outcome of impeller cut:
1.The impeller is cut by mechanical lathe machining.
2.The diameter of sand pump impeller will be reduced after cut, as well as the pump capacity or pump working head or both.
3.Pump label of the pump model label will be changes, for example, EL50D-A30 means pump impeller is in standard of 300 mm, if impeller changed as 280mm, the label of pump will be changed as EL50D-A30 (28).
4.Sand dredge pump impeller cut is following the principle of impeller cutting formula. 

More information of sand dredge pump impeller, visit Do Pump website, email us at or call Do Pump at 0086 311 80729366   

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