IHC double-walled onboard dredging pumps to Jan de Nul Group

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IHC double-walled onboard dredging pumps to Jan de Nul Group
IHC to deliver double-walled onboard dredging pumps to Jan de Nul Group

Royal IHC has been awarded a contract for the delivery of dredge pumps by Luxembourg-based Jan De Nul Group.
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The agreement incorporates two onboard double-walled dredge pumps for the company’s new 18,000m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), as well as onboard single-walled dredge pumps for two other 6,000m3 TSHDs.
By using specialised fluid dynamics software, IHC has been able to design a  pump blade (right in grey) that is much thicker at the leading edge, so the flow sticks better to the blade, reducing the wear.
Curve impeller technology
For the 18,000m3 hopper, the double-walled dredge pumps have been designed to deliver a total installed power of 7,000kWs per pump. This will enable them to discharge 33 bar pressure when operated concurrently.
The two double-walled pumps will also be equipped with IHC’s latest Curve technology. The Curve impeller, with its innovative shape and blade curvature, ensures that the pumps perform with excellent suction properties over the prolonged lifetime of the product.
The single-walled dredge pumps for the smaller 6,000m3 hoppers, will deliver an installed power of 4,000kWs and provide a discharge pressure of up to 11 bar.

dws-ihc-pumps-de-nul-installed-350pxMany hoppers with IHC pumps
‘We are delighted that we have secured another order from Jan De Nul Group,’ says Dave Vander Heyde, CEO of Royal IHC. ‘For the past 20 years, the company has continuously extended its TSHD fleet and it is testament to our partnership that the majority of these vessels are equipped with IHC dredgepumps.’
IHC dredge pumps have been developed to meet the harshest dredging challenge. This closely alignes with Jan De Nul Group, as its Director Technical Department, Frederik Deroo explains: ‘Our investment programme has resulted in the world’s most modern fleet and the innovative pumps that IHC can supply make a significant contribution to this.’
The new 18,000m3 hopper is being build in China and delivery is foreseen in 2020.
This news item was originally published on the website of Royal IHC.
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