Slurry sand pump operation

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Do Pump is a professional manufacturer of industril pumps and pump valves in China, we have been used different kinds of test instruments for ensuring the quality of our pumps.  

The slurry sand pump should be inspected according to the requirements before use to ensure that the machine can be used normally and safely. At the same time, the inspection can also ensure the stable operation of the slurry pump, prolong its service life and reduce the number of maintenance. The slurry pump should also be monitored during operation to ensure its normal and efficient operation.

Slurry sand pump operation

1. The slurry sand pump needs to check the rotation direction of the motor before running to ensure that it is in the same direction as the pump. The motor shaft should be checked for concentricity with the pump rotation. The motor test is tested separately and should not be connected to the pump.

2. Before the operation of the slurry pump, check whether the valve is flexible and reliable, whether the elastic pad in the coupling is intact, whether the hand truck is tight or friction, whether the bearing oil in the bearing box reaches the indicated position, whether the shaft seal water is opened or not. Or cooling water, whether to open the inlet valve to close the outlet valve, whether the pipeline system is safe and reliable, whether the anchor bolts, flange gaskets and bolts are safe and reliable.

3. Before the start of the slurry sand pump, the inlet valve should be opened and the outlet valve should be closed. When the pump starts, the outlet valve should be opened slowly. The speed and size of the outlet valve should be controlled according to the pump condition. No vibration, the motor does not exceed the rated current.

4. If the slurry pump is a series pump, it is also opened according to the same method as above, except that the outlet valve of the final stage pump is opened after the first stage pump is turned on, and the current of the first stage pump motor is 1/4 of the rated current. After the camera is turned on, the secondary pump is turned on until the final stage pump, and finally the outlet valve of the final stage pump is completely opened, and the speed is such that the first stage pump does not vibrate and the motor does not exceed the rated current.

5. The main task of the slurry pump is to transport the flow. It is recommended to install a flow meter or flow meter in the monitoring system to grasp whether the flow meets the standard. In the pipeline system that requires a certain pressure at the pipeline outlet, it should also Equipped with a pressure gauge to control whether the pressure is up to standard.

6. In addition to the flow rate and pressure, the operation control of the slurry pump also includes whether the current of the motor exceeds the rated current, whether the oil seal and the bearing are abnormal, whether the pump has an evacuation or overflow.





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