Do Pump Sale CSD 400 Sand Pump To Africa

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Do Pump Sale CSD 400 Sand Pump To Africa

A sand dredge pump that is manufactured by Do Pump is sold to Africa and will be servicing for CSD 400 in Abidjan, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire where is a country located on the south coast of West Africa. 

Do Pump is a Chinese manufacturer of sand pump, dredge pump, slurry pump, submersible sand/slurry pump and booster pump, and the pumps are highly used for mining, dredging and maintenance of small ports.

CSD 400 sand dredge pump impeller

CSD 400 Sand Dredge Pump Performance:
Model: CSD 400 Pump
Pump Suction Diameter: 14 inch
Pump Discharge Diameter: 12 inch
Max. Transfer Distance: 1500 meters
Pump Capacity: 2000 m³/h in total
Pipeline Diameter: 16 inch
Max. Rotating Speed: 700 r/min
Max. Particle Pass: 241 mm
Impeller: 3 Blades, Closed Type, 864mm
Impeller Material: high Chrome, hard-Ni
CSD 400 Sand dredge pump
"We have been supplying sand dredge pump to African market since 2010, including CSD 350 Pump, CSD 400 Pump, CSD 450 Pump and CSD 500 pump, and we are confident to supply more reliable dredge pumps into those markets in the futher." according to Do Pump announcement. 

The CSD 400 sand dredge pump is powered by Weichai marine engine 8170 series 601 KW 818 HP. 

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