650 DOD Dredge Pump are selected with the capacity of 6000-9000m³/h, 900-2000 cubic meters per hour fine sand/dry sand, 200-2000 meters transportation pipeline, maximum 260mm particle pass.

Material: High Chrome Alloy


650DOD Dredge Pump are used for 26” Cutter Suction Dredger and Jet Suction Dredger, which are used for sand mining, marine dredging, harbor and navigation maintenance, water reservoir restoration, river and channel dredging, beach restoration and erosion control, environmental clean-ups etc.

650DOD with the characters of large sand capacity, long transportation distance, deep suction dredge, large particle pass etc, as well as takes long time by using high chrome alloy material (A05) on the parts of dredge impeller, dredge volute liner, dredge frame plate liner, and dredge Throat bush.

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