How To Adjust Warman Pumps

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Warman pumps are large, industrial pumps designed to handle the corrosive and abrasive slurry used in a variety of different construction and manufacturing applications. Warman pumps take advantage of the centrifugal force created by a large impeller to pump the slurry. While Warman pumps are massive and complex pieces of machinery that come pre-configured from the factory, it is possible to adjust the impeller on a Warman pump to ensure the impeller is not making contact with other parts.

1. Locate the pump’s main shaft and carefully rotate it clockwise by hand until the bearing assembly is accessible. The main shaft connects to the impeller at one end; it is the large, cylindrical section located in the middle of the pump. Use the wrench to turn the rear nut on the adjusting screw counterclockwise. Turn the nut until the impeller makes contact with the casing surface.

2.Turn the rear nut counterclockwise by one-sixth of a turn, then turn the front nut on the adjusting screw until the lug on the bearing assembly makes contact with the rear nut. Tighten the front nut to secure the bearing assembly in place.

3.Gently turn the shaft to ensure it can rotate without causing the impeller to make contact with any other part of the pump. Complete the adjustment process by tightening the bearing housing clamp bolts. Tighten the bolts of pumps with frame sizes C, CC, D and DD to 45 Newton meters. Tighten the bolts of pumps with frame sizes E, EE, F and FF to 185 Newton meters.

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