HR rubber slurry pump


Equivalent with Warman 1.5/1B-AH Slurry pumpMax Flow: 8 L/secMax Head: 50 MetersSize: 583x362x368mmWeight: 70kgSuction: 1.5inchDischarge: 1inchMaterial: Rubber


Equivalent with Warman 2/1.5B-AH Slurry pumpMax Flow: 20L/secMax Head: 40 MetersSize: 592X410X381mmWeight: 80kgSuction: 2 inchDischarge: 1.5inchMaterial: Rubbe


Equivalent with Warman 3/2 C-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 20L/secMax Head: 38 MetersSize: 768x476x464mmWeight: 160kgSuction: 3 inchDischarge: 2inchMaterial:


Equivalent with Warman 4/3 C-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 42L/secMax Head: 36 MetersSize: 843x584x516mmWeight: 220kgSuction: 4 inchDischarge: 3 inchMaterial


Equivalent with Warman 6/4 D-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 92L/secMax Head: 45MetersSize: 1021x812x668mmWeight: 580kgSuction: 6 inchDischarge: 4 inchMaterial


Equivalent with Warman 8/6E-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 180L/secMax Head: 50 MetersSize: 1302x1102x917mmWeight: 1200kgSuction: 8 inchDischarge: 6 inchMater


Equivalent with Warman 10/8ST-AHR Rubber Slurry PumpMax Flow: 320L/secMax Head: 50 MetersSize: 1337x1226x927mmWeight: 1200kgSuction: 10 inchDischarge: 8 inchMa


Equivalent with Warman 12/10ST-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 400L/secMax Head: 45MetersSize: 1816x1510x1324mmWeight: 4010kgSuction: 12 inchDischarge: 10 inch


Equivalent with Warman 14/12 ST-AHR Rubber Slurry pumpMax Flow: 800L/secMax Head: 45 MetersSize: 1873x1874x1482mmWeight: 6100kgSuction: 14 inchDischarge: 12 in

Elastomer Pump Assembly

HR series Heavy Duty Rubber Slurry PumpsDimensionally Interchangeable with Warman AHR Heavy-Duty Rubber Slurry PumpsSlurry Pumps Working RangeDischarge Diamete

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