Z series Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps


Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Working Range
Discharge Diameters 1” to 14” (25mm to 450mm)
Heads Range to 460ft (140m)
Flow Rate to 10,300gpm (2,339m3/h)
Type Z series Slurry Pump is a new energy-saving centrifugal pump. They are innovative in hydraulic designs, structural designs and materials of castings after integrating congeneric products throughout the world. They have many features: high efficiency, reasonable design, reliable operation, long in service time, easy maintenance, and low running costs and so on.
The Z series pumps are widely used for handling abrasive or corrosive slurries in power, metallurgical, mining, coal, as well as chemical industries. For example, flushing ash in power plants and pumping coal slurry in coal preparation plants. They are suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive solids-bearing slurry with maximum concentrations of wt.45%(ash) and wt.60%(ore).
Structural feature of Z series slurry pumps
Pump Body – It is a horizontal cantilevered slurry double-cases pump. The pump head includes cases, impeller, and shaft seal. Double-cases pump centrally split vertical spilt direction. Discharge port can be positioned at 8 different position at an interval of 45°. The outside cases made by HT200 or HT500-7, connecting with bolts. The inside cases (volute case, front liner, back liner) made by high-chrome alloy or rubber materials.
Impeller – Front and back cover plates with back vanes to reduce leakage and increase operating life, impeller and shaft is firmly connected by ladder-shaped with disassembly ring, ”O” rubber ring is used between liner and volute casing and it is very convenient and reliable.
Shaft Seal – Expeller seal and packing seal.
Support – The supports can be lubricated by oil. Supports are made up with support body, support cover, shaft, bearing box, bearing, bearing cover, baffle sleeve, nut, oil seal wash plate and so on (See bellow). The supports have water-cooling above 150Z.


Z series slurry pump
1. Coupling     2. Shaft     3. Bearing housing     4. Disassembly ring     5. Expeller
6. FPL insert      7. Volute casing      8. Impeller   9. Throat Bush    10. Pump cover
11.Rear casing    12. Stuffing box    13. Water-seal ring    14. Base   15. Support
16. Adjusting bolts     17. Inlet joint    18. Outlet joint


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